Subyek : simultaneous
Judul : Model Persamaan Simultan Dalam Pendugaan Penawaran Dan Permintaan Gula Di Indonesia
Deskripsi : This research wants to know the production and the demand of sugar in Indonesia. It also analyze the affecting factors to the supply of sugars and its relationship with the import. Next, this research aims to analyze the attecting factors to the demand and the relationship with the import, and also analysing the affecting factors to the sugars price and its reltionship with the import. The data used in this research are secondary data include the sugars supply, the sugars demand, domestic sugar price, alternative swittener price, harvesting sugar cane production, technology, national sugars production, agricultural credit, the ratio between dollar and vertilizer price, and exchange rate between dollae and rupiah from 1969 until 2000. Whereas the econometrics model appliedin this research is simultaneous euations model of the two stage least square analysis method. This result of this research showed that the development of the demand increase is higher than sugars supply. The real affeeting factors to the national sugar supply are agricultural credit The real affecting factors to the sugar supply are the number of population. The affecting factors to the sugar price are import and sugar supply of the provious year. Cultivation technology, genetic engeneering for creating new varieties and post harvest technology are really neded for decreasing the import wich in creasing.
Tahun Penelitian : 2004
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