Subyek : compliance
Judul : The Impact of Messages Assertiveness to Compliance with Perceived Importance as Moderation Variables on Anti-Cigarette Campaign in Surabaya
Deskripsi : Cigarettes consumption can cause diseases such as respiratory disorders, cardiovascular disorders, cancer and reproductive and pregnancy disorders. Ministry of Health launched Public Service Ads contains testimonials of former smokers who suffered from throat cancer made in the context of the "Stop Enjoying Cigarettes before Cigarettes Enjoy You" campaign. The campaign's success or failure cannot be separated from the strategy of how to communicate the campaign program to the right targets. There are several ways of effective message delivery techniques to be applied in accordance with the targets. Assertiveness communication is the ability to communicate what one wants, feels, and thinks about, but still maintains and respects the rights and feelings of others. This research aims to find out the impact of assertive message to the consumers' compliance by seeing the moderate effect of perceived importance on anti cigarette campaign in Surabaya. The population of this study is Active Smokers, who are still actively smoking until now or people who are trying to stop smoking in Surabaya, the statistical test used is Moderating Regression Analysis (MRA). The research results indicate that message assertiveness has significant influence to level of compliance and it also shows that perceived importance is the moderating variable that links between message assertiveness and compliance.
Tahun Penelitian : 2017
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