Subyek : Irony
Judul : Ironi Dalam Puisi Bertolt Brecht
Deskripsi : Brecht's poems analyzed in this study were published in Horison XXXIX No.9/2004. This study is about irony in Brecht's poems. The reason to choose this topic is that the translation and the publication of his poems are good to intraduce the foreign literature to students, especially those who take literature. In addition to that, Brecht's poems are rarely analyzed. These were analyzed from pragmatic perspective. The result of this analysis arrives at two opposing sides; one is to criticize the authority and the wealthy of the time. Another is to defend the poor. This irony is conveyed in the form of overstatement, understatement, and paradox.
Tahun Penelitian : 2008
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Penerbit : Fakultas Bahasa dan Sains Universitas Wijaya Kusum
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