Subyek : Firewall
Judul : Rancang Bangun Honeypot Sebagai Alat Bantu Pendeteksian Serangan Pada Sistem Jaringan Komputer UPN "Veteran" Jatim
Deskripsi : To detect an attacker or an intruder, a company or educational institution usually relies on a device or system known as firewalls and intrusion Detection System or IDS. However, Firewall and IDS sometimes difficult to detect an attack packets among the legitimate data, due to the high level to traffic on the network so it is difficult for Firewall and IDS to distinguish it. Honeypot is a technique used to trap and to trick intruders and attakers went into the cage and trapped, so users can study the behavior, goals and techniques from hackers, crackers, viruses and worms that are known, the new known and the unknown. Therefore, Honeypot require a log fire to monitor and know the pattern of their attacks without causing risks to the original production system or computer target. In this paper, will be built a honeypot system similar to the real production system. Services emulated honeypot is a web server. Monitoring mechanism on the honeypot system is done by using the log. The purpose of this log is to facilitate the re-examination of data (forensic analysis) is received by the honeypot system.
Tahun Penelitian : 2009
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Penerbit : Badan Keswadayaan Masyarakat Pakem Sejahtera Surab
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