Subyek : allocating budgets
Judul : Standar Analisa Belanja Kabupaten Gresik
Deskripsi : This study aims to determine how to set standards expenditure analysis (SAB) in allocating budgets to the respective work units within the organizational structure of the Governnzent of Gresik. Results of this research are used to improve local budgeting mechanism through Standards Development Expenditure Analysis (SAB) is accurate and relevant to further integrute with the application system budget. Object of research is all activities performed on every SKPD in Gresik. While the activies used are uctivities related to the development of employees on the basis that these activities most relevunt to measure the efectiveness of the use of the budget. The data used is data of the budget for development activities consisting ofi a) personnel expenditures, which consists ofi Shopping and Spending Non PNS-PNS b) Expenditure Goods and Services, which consists 0f: Shopping Consumables, Shopping Materials Materials, Printing and Copying Shopping, Eating and Drinking Shopping, Travel Agency Shopping, Shopping Other. Preparation of Standard Expenditure Analysis using three main approaches, namely : the approach of Activity Based Costing (ABC), the approach Ordinary Least Square (simple regression) and approach to the discussion method (Focused Group Discussion).
Tahun Penelitian : 2014
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Penerbit : Fakultas Ekonomi UWKS
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