Subyek : The cell association number
Judul : The Effect of Katu Infuse (Sauropus Androgynus) Leaves on Spermatogenesis in Testis Seminiferous Tubules of Mice (Mus Musculus)
Deskripsi : Katu leaves contain steroid substances. Steroid substances in blood can deinhibids indirectly hypothalamus activity and inhibits secretion on GnRhH, Reduction of GnRH in the blood from hypothalamus cause inhibits FSH and LH secretion from pituitary gland, resultion in the disruption of spermatogenesis proces. Material consist of infuse sauropus androgyans leaves and 60 male mice of 8 weeks old. With 20-30 grams body weight, were devided into control. Group and streatment groups. Data were analyzed using Anova test. If the results indicated significant of different of 95%, the analyzed was continued with Duncan test. The result of this exptiment are : The heightening of the infuse concentration of anropus androgynus leaves were treated 0,5 cc infuse per oral/per day, caused decreases of the cell association number, the spermatosit number, and the spermatid number in testis seminiferous tubules of mice. So the infuse of samropus androggnus leaves will be consumed as contraceptive subtance for men.
Tahun Penelitian : 2010
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Penerbit : Fakultas Farmasi Univ Widya Mandala Surabaya
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